Open Letter to Fidji Simo

Dear Fidji Simo,

On Saturday, shoppers walked off and called upon customers to delete Instacart due to low pay and poor working conditions. The goal of the protest was to improve our conditions by centering shopper’s demands and grievances as Instacart preps for its IPO. Customers and shoppers recognize that Instacart’s new CEO is already making things worse for shoppers, and no amount of buzzing PR fluff about an IPO can drown out our voice.

Here’s some of the stories shoppers have shared since walking off:

Forbes — Why Do Gig Workers Want You To Delete Instacart?

The Guardian — ‘Tired of Being Stepped On’: Instacart Shoppers Urge Customers to Delete App

The Guardian — ‘It’s a Sweat Factory”: Instacart workers ready to strike for pay and conditions

Vice — Instacart Shoppers Will Stage Nationwide Protest

TechCrunch — Instacart Shopper Activist Group Asks Customers to Delete The App Until Demands for Better Working Conditions Are Met

The Verge — Some Instacart shoppers Plan Saturday Strike Over Pay and Work Conditions.

You’re still not only ignoring shoppers, but disregarding them in the press. Additionally, shoppers tried getting your attention on Twitter. And how did you respond? By changing your twitter settings, and no longer allowing shoppers to publicly respond at you.

We can assure you that ignoring shoppers will not make us go away, in fact it only makes us more agitated. Instacart’s greed has only fueled shoppers to become involved in organizing efforts, and our collective power as shoppers is only growing.

This month, Canadian shoppers launched their own revolution. Yesterday, a Class Action Lawsuit centered around misclassification was proposed.

Here are some of the stories Canadian shoppers have shared:

CBC — Instacart ‘Shoppers” Baffled by Shrinking Paychecks

CTV News — Canadian Instacart Workers to Walk Off Job in Bid for Better Working Conditions

The Globe and Mail — Instacart Workers in Canada and US to Walk Off Job In Bid to Secure Better Working Conditions

As previously mentioned, we will not stop until shoppers’ 5 reasonable demands are met:

We’ve held over 400 calls with shoppers this week and discussed their next wishes and they all agree: We cannot back down. Pay is too low and conditions are too poor.

First we asked customers to delete the app, then shoppers walked off, and next we put pressure on your partner stores. In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing next steps, and how we will continue to mount pressure against Instacart and its partner stores to hold them accountable to shoppers.

Fidji, your legacy will not be whether you helped billionaire investor firms receive an extra 5% in their investment. It’ll be whether or not you were complicit with exploiting your workers.


Gig Workers Collective



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