Instacart Shoppers Announce Walk Off

For the past week, Instacart shoppers and Gig Workers Collective have been urging Instacart to fix 5 major issues plaguing their workforce. We have been ignored.

Instacart has left us no choice but to walk off starting on Saturday, October 16th. We will not fill orders until the following demands are met:

  1. Instacart shoppers must be paid by order, and not by batch. In 2019, when Apoorva Mehta publicly apologized for supplementing pay with tips in response to our protests, the company lowered the base pay floor from $10 to $7. But that’s not even the worst part — that $7 figure could cover up to three orders at once. If we shopped a single order, the base pay would be $7, but if we shopped three orders at once, the base pay would be $7 for the lot. Instead of a shopper fulfilling three orders for a total of $30 base, we now do it for a $7 base. This is effectively a 76% cut to base pay, and is unacceptable.

Instacart has a well-established history of exploiting its shoppers, and we cannot continue to allow them to run their business as usual until it fixes these 5 pressing issues. It’s disgusting that we have to take these measures in hopes of being heard when we’re simply asking for things we once had — like a 10% default tip for all orders — to be paid fairly depending on the size of the order — and getting paid for each order, rather than batching orders together without paying for the work done per-order.

Instacart has refused to finally address these fixes that workers have been begging the company for, in discussions both private and public. We enjoy shopping for our community but simply can’t afford to continue doing it until Instacart fixes these 5 pressing issues.

Please continue to #DeleteInstacart until shoppers’ 5 demands are met.



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