Open Letter to Fidji Simo

  • 12 18-count variety packs of chips and 18 large bags of chips
  • 35 24-packs of water/pop
  • 2 bottles of 45l (12 Gal.) water jugs
  • 36 1 litre cartons of juice
  • Don’t allow irresponsible orders like this through the system. Instacart has the information available to determine if it can/can’t fit into a mid-sized vehicle.
  • Place a notice on the order informing the Shopper that two trips may be necessary or access to a large vehicle.
  • Have the order broken into smaller batches so that the effort can be distributed among additional Shoppers rather than burden one with the entire effort.
  • Provide the option for Shoppers to identify themselves if they have larger vehicles like a cube van or truck.



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