Instacart’s “Response” is a Sick Joke — The Strike is Still On

Today, Instacart responded to Shoppers’ demands by saying a week from now they will provide hand sanitizer and set the default in-app tip amount to whatever a customer had previously tipped. Aside from simply not being enough, this is insulting for a number of reasons.

  1. We had been asking for hand sanitizer for many, many weeks. But apparently the company is capable of sourcing some with 2 days of work? Where was this before? Where were these efforts back when Shoppers first began asking for it? It’s abhorrent that it took this long for them to act, but on the bright side, it shows that a strike will work to change their behavior.
  2. Setting the tip amount to whatever a customer had previously tipped is ridiculous, because most previous customers would have tipped a different (lesser) amount back when things were more normal. This will, in all likelihood, provide no meaningful benefit to shoppers.
  3. Hazard pay went completely unaddressed. The average pay per order is well under $10. Workers should not be risking their lives for pocket change.
  4. Workers who must stay home due to conditions that put them at high risk are still not being given sick pay.

We are heartened by the outpouring of support we’ve received from Instacart customers, politicians, activists, and everyday folks worried that they could be exposed to the virus due to Instacart’s craven profit-seeking. It goes to show that corporate greed is an issue that impacts us all, whether one is a Shopper directly being affected, or not.

The strike is still on. Stay safe, everyone.

In Solidarity,

Gig Workers Collective & Instacart Shoppers

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