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Instacart Workers' 6 Days of Micro-Actions

Starting December 16, Instacart Shoppers will be participating in a series of micro-actions aimed at holding Instacart accountable. We are utilizing a multifaceted approach to encourage investigations into Instacart’s wage violations, tip misappropriation, and health and safety violations. We have compiled resources for Shoppers to file wage claims, a request for an audit, petition OSHA, and contact their legislators. We will also be delivering Shopper profiles and a history of Instacart’s activity to Instacart’s partner stores.

December 16: File a claim with the US Department of Labor asking them
to audit Instacart in relation to our missing tips

Instacart has been caught misappropriating and manipulating tips
several times over the course of years. Shoppers will file a claim with the United States Department of Labor requesting an audit of Instacart’s financial records and transactions.

December 17: Contact Federal Legislators

Lack of regulation and blatant disregard for the law have resulted in
an Instacart’s unchecked and rapid expansion. Our misclassification
coupled with insurmountable pay cuts have resulted in Shoppers becoming trapped in cyclical poverty and reliant upon social safety nets to pick up our employer’s tab. We need broad-sweeping state and federal laws and regulations to hold Instacart accountable to minimum wage laws, reimbursement for expenses, assuming the costs and liabilities of its operations, payroll taxes, and employer sponsored
insurance programs. Shoppers will reach out to their Congressional
Representative and Senators.

December 18: File a wage claim

Instacart has misclassified Shoppers as independent contractors resulting in an astronomical sum of underpaid wages, unpaid overtime earnings, unpaid expense reimbursements, and violations of laws governing unpaid rest and meal breaks.

December 19: Hand-deliver informational binders to the CEOs of partner stores containing letters and personal notes from workers

Instacart’s retail partners have failed to ensure minimum standards in earnings and safety for Shoppers when partnering with Instacart. We have called upon Instacart’s partner stores to leverage their power to back up demands made by Shoppers. We continue to hold partner stores
accountable for their collaboration in our exploitation. We will be delivering letters from workers along with a history of our grievances to the executives teams of Instacart’s retail partners.

December 20: Contact OSHA

Since its inception Instacart has placed no weight restrictions on orders fulfilled by its Shoppers. Shoppers are provided with no training or equipment to fulfill dangerously heavy orders, or aid us in dangerous delivery conditions. Orders can often include transporting and delivery of commercial weights, which exceed the safety limits of our personal vehicles, putting Shoppers, our cars, and other motorists at risk. We are expected to lift hundreds to
thousands of pounds of weight, often upstairs to deliver to customers.
Many of us have been injured while working and are ineligible for state workers’ compensation programs.

December 21: Contact State legislators

Many states are already making headway against independent contractor exploitation, and other states could use encouragement from their
constituents. Shoppers will reach out to their local state legislators.


Instacart Shoppers

Abby Danielle Mahon
Ablan Ebba
Adrienne Hawks
Alberta Helen Atkinson
Alexandra Tilton
Alicia DiCorcia
Alison Prouix
Allison Menhennett
Allyce Ferrua
Alysha Alvarado
Amanda Bosch
Amanda Greenlead
Amanda Parrack
Amanda Sagriff
Amelia Hind
Amelia Steinfeldt
Amy Short
Amy Vallett
Anastasia Raven
Angie Cripe Burns
Angie Kufner
Ann Marie Stillman
Annabel Voorhees
Annaliisa Amy Arambula
Anya Stevens Howard
Ashley Atwood
Ashley Collier
Ashley Knudson
Ashley Salazar
Astrid Mills
Ayesha Zaman Khan
Barbara Caruso Szabo
Ben Sigas
Beth Marie
Betina Foreman
Bo Dombroski
Bobbie Vaughan
Bracy Atkinson
Brent Ward
Brittany Branton
Brittany Brown
Brittany Smith Dicorato
Bruce Wong
Candy Dellinger Zander
Carla Dilger Stark
Carol Chantiny
Carol Lynden
Casey Lmt
Celeste Ayotte Kopacek
Champale Parks
Charlene Albert
Charlene Dougall
Charles Orlik
Chloe Deogaygay
Christie Stella
Christina Gomez
Christina L. Wideman
Christina Wilde
Christine Ellis
Christine Swartz Morra
Chuck Ray
Clara Christine Waynick
Clarissa Stewart
Crystal Kaos
Crystal Meisner
Cynthia Guzman
Cynthia Thompson
Dalanea Davis
Damir Somic
Dan Falconoski
Danielle D’Aversa
Danielle Dassero
Daro Reo
Darrian Dowdy
Dawn Snyder
Debbie Alexander Vincent
Diana Micire
Diane Whitley
Diaz M Anna
Domoni Greatwater
Donna Dudeck Withers
Donna Ruth
Dru Vega
Ebony Nicole McFarland
Elizabeth Denny
Elizabeth O’Dell
Elizebethe Eckhoff
Elyse Knight
Eric Alan Weinstein
Evelyn Rodriquez
Fernando Flores
Fran Valdes
FrenchAnita Slade
Gail Garner
Gina Kim
Gipsy Marie
Glen Meyers
Haleigh Smith
Hali Moore
Hall Frost
Hazel Clements
Heather Gilmore
Heather Hartwell
Heidi Ho Carrico
Hillary Figgins
Hillary Parlin Gordon
JJ Sanchez
Jackie Bressette
Jacqueline Ortega
Jaime Laura
James Macaluso
Jamie Holshouser
Jan Aldrin
Jan Deleon-Mandar
Janet Devers
Janet Stevens
Jasmine Cole
Jason Hiser
Jason Sandoval
Jaymie Len
Jeana Pitts
Jen Marie
Jenn Sylvester
Jennifer Albright
Jennifer Stickle Fortin
Jennifer Ullerich
Jessica Bergholtz Burnett
Jessica Haines
Jessica Myers
Jessica Pumilia-Hafner
Jill A Gardner
Jodi Loendorf
John Michael Smith
Jordan Anderson
Joyce Talbot Benefield
Judy Sams
Julie Lancaster
Julie Lynn
Julie Nordon
Julie Young
Justine Ann
Kalika Megan
Katelyn Connor
Katherine Rust
Kathryn Lincoln
Kathy Mixon
Kayla Virgin
Kelli Vilchis
Kim Tjader Chesser
Kris Clark
Kristen White
Kwan Melanin
Kylee Wormuth
LaKiasha Mitchell-Whitaker
LaTrenda Walker-Wood
Lala Muhammad
Laura Rootes Guertin
Layshon Suell
Leia Cameron
Lezlie Kaye
Lisa Marie
Lisa Mateer Barseth
Lisa Swisher
Lori Lombardo
Luanne Barron
Lynn Nuebel
Mando Behr
MarQuitta Sheppard
Maranda Duplantis
Maria Crawford
Maria Krstic Mongelli
Marie-Ann Alacs
Mark Young
Marques Marqs
Marquise Gibson
Mary McCoy
Matthew Leo
Melanie Venaracion Parker
Mia Judah
Mia Kelly
Michael Montgomery
Michael Sar
Michaelia Ethridge
Michele Kabacinski
Michelle Moore Macias
Mika Myers
Mike Smith
Misty Rzepniewski-Aguilera
Naomi Barajas
Nichole Nenninger Parkhill
Nick Nelson
Nicole Swift Krause
Nushna Pitt
Oscar Lopez
PJ Knoetgen
Paige Turner
Patricia Dougherty
Patricia Motley
Patty Baxter
Pellowe Collins
Phoenix Di Corvo
Rachel Williams
Rebekkah Nunley Phelps
Renee Rodriquez
Renie Holman
Richi Conner
Robert Powell
Robin M. Page
Russell Wright
Sandra Wiggins
Sandy Blackstone Antonellis
Sarah Catterton
Sarah Eleanor
Sarah Rebecca Witten
Sarah White
Sharon Harris
Shauntia Jackson
Shawn Martin Jr.
Shay Wa
Shelley Huffman
Sherri Grimes
Sherri Renon
Sofia B. Osechas Aguilar
Sonya A. Williams
Stacey Miller Martino
Steph Richardson
Stephanie Marie Count
Steve Burns Jr
Steve Kahn
Sue Daniels-Plater
Sunny Carr
Susan Cuffaro
Susan Knobler
Susannah Maynard
Sydni Warren
Tamara Singer
Tamila Dorton
Tara Blakely OReilly
Tara M Khaskin
Tara Moreno
Taylor Lea Case
Terri Herstad
Tila Darshae
Tim Holley
Timothy Joshua Hearl
Toni Gamboa
Tori Michelle
Torrey Campbell
Tracey Gunter
Traci Cheadle
Tyler Volz
Vanessa Bain
Vinny Orlando
Will Stevenson
Willow Stevens
Yinmy Tavarez

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