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Holiday Protest Update

Fellow Workers and Supporters,

The last two months in particular have been incredible - across the country to have our voices heard are succeeding. They’re afraid, they know how they look, and they don’t seem very proud of themselves. What we’re doing is clearly having an effect.

But it is not enough just to fight without remembering what we are fighting for. Our wages with Instacart are the lowest they’ve ever been, and many of us are going with less, or without, this year. Dinner tables and Christmas trees are emptier than usual for many of us, whether we talk about it or not, while gig economy executives enjoy lavish lives within their echo chambers. If this fact upsets you - good. It should upset and energize anyone with a conscience. We will be using that energy to push forward throughout the new year until our demands are met.

In the meantime, as we wrap up our Six Days of Micro-Action, let’s look back on some of the media coverage Instacart has been less-than-happy to receive over the past 2 weeks.

  1. ‘We’re Confident There’s Fraud.’ Instacart’s Workers — Upset Over Dwindling Pay — Are Petitioning for a Dept. of Labor Audit
  2. She was Instacart’s Biggest Cheerleader. Now She’s Leading a Worker Revolt.
  3. Instacart Shoppers Plan a Series of Actions in Protest to Company’s Wage Practices
  4. Instacart Workers to Push for Federal Audit Over 'Missing Tips' in Week of Protest
  5. 2019 Was the Year that Tech Workers Had Enough

The clear thread here is that our actions are working. Just one story like this would be the average tech company's worst nightmare, but Instacart isn't the average company-- they've gone out of their way to step on workers at every opportunity, which is why we have to keep fighting.

We used to tell each other "They can't ignore us forever," and we were right. In the last week they realized they couldn't ignore us any further, so they've started to spread lies about us to the media. This is progress, and we will keep going.

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