After our 3-day walk-off, Instacart Shoppers have a newfound sense of camaraderie, purpose, and solidarity, and we’d like to thank you for bringing us together, as well as for the following:

  1. We were featured in the New York Times via Reuters, who covered not only one example of our degradation in pay, but compared Instacart unfavorably to the notorious failings of both Uber and WeWork.
  2. The LA Times ran a piece going into even more detail, further exposing your tactics which we originally brought to light.
  3. Slate’s piece this week analyzed Instacart’s insidious product design and how your immoral executive direction leads to Shoppers getting the short end of the stick.
  4. Mashable covered our open letter to you, and at the end wondered aloud if you’d be able to ever look us in the eye.
  5. Gizmodo reported on our open letter to Dani Dudeck, excellently recapping our grievance with your hypocritical Chief Communications Officer.
  6. The Daily Beast wrote about your efforts to steal our tips and get away with it.
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While Instacart’s response or lack thereof to our walk-off was predictable, what we were surprised by were the number of organizations and friends who have revealed themselves as our allies, and the hundreds of tweets from well-wishers to our cause. We are happy to align ourselves with advocate organizations providing us support and expertise, many of which work with both gig workers and organized labor, and whose goal is like ours — a better condition for those who perform work.

We’ve already met with (or are soon to meet with) tech worker organizers, academic activists, and the San Diego City Attorney’s office, and have direct contact with dozens of journalists who want to keep in touch about how our efforts develop and how yourself and Instacart respond.

Perhaps the most remarkable story to come from this, for us, is that we didn’t start out as professional organizers, nor did we ever imagine ourselves as such — but you’ve somehow managed to turn a mass of everyday people into labor advocates, media figures and highly galvanized operatives who won’t be out of Instacart’s hair anytime soon.

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The core concept of your company — the one you sold to investors — that you could utilize the lack of regulation around contractors, and treat them increasingly poorly until they reach a tipping point and rotate out, is now clearly regarded by workers, customers, and the media as an abject failure. It’s likely that you know this too, Apoorva, whether you admit it or not. The last to hear the news seem to be your investors, who you’re certainly doing your best to shield from these events. It’s only a matter of time, really.

In closing, we’ve heard you’re preparing for an Instacart IPO. Good luck with that.


Instacart Shoppers

A Belle Graves
Abby Danielle Mahon
Ada Ruth Centonze
Aimee Devereaux-Fringer
Aimee Sanford
Alberta Helen Atkinson
Alex Haines
Alex Traub
Alexandra Alas
Alexis Burger
Alicia Dicorcia
Ally Manzi
Allyce Elizabeth Hernandez
Alysha Alvarado
Alyssa Bauman
Alyssa Longobardi
Amanda Gutschmidt
Amanda Llanos-Giovino
Amanda Nihiser
Amanda Parrack
Amanda S. Harris
Amanda Tryanowski
Amber Bartel
Amber Brice
Amber Dawn
Amberlin Evelyn Springer
Amy Boyle
Amy Marie Anderson
Amy Rogers
Amy Short
Amy Vallett
Ana Williams
Andre Brazil
Andrea Ali
Andrea Harrison
Andrea Makorow
Angee Locqz
Angel Zych
Angela Rohloff
Angie Daniel-Poteet
Angie Jackobs
Angie Kelly
Angie Kufner
Annaliisa Amy Arambula
Annie Marie
Anya Jolene
Anya Stevens Howard
April Stebing
Aqeela Muntaqim
Ariana Marie Diaz
Arianna Tivis
Arietti Diplan Van Houten
Ashley Atwood
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Collier
Ashley Enz
Ashley Hawkins
Ashley Knudson
Ashley Salazar
Astrid Mills
Austin Krebill
Avrom Honig
Barbara Caruso Szabo
Becky Larson
Bello Ragazzo
Beth Ann Beale
Beth Reininger Statt
Bobbie Mudgett
Bobbie Vaughan
Bonnie Stromer
Breelyn Day
Brenda Cohen
Brenda Ferris
Brenda Shaley
Britt Adele
Brittany Hubbard
Bronwyn Judith
Bryann Robinson
Caitlin Portzline
Cammy Hardwig Thompson
Candace Smith
Candy Dellinger Zander
Cara Stidham
Carol Chantiny
Carol Lynden
Cassidy Michelle
Cassie Chandler Moungey
Cassie Little
Cathy Coleman
Celena Baldwin
Celeste Ayotte Kopacek
Cesar Robert Rodriguez
Champale Parks
Charity Day
Charlene Albert
Charlene Pinney
Chester Coleman
Chloe Deogaygay
Chris Kneebone
Chrissy Rose
Christian Alejandro Marino
Christie Kircher
Christina Alexander
Christina Blair
Christina Hertz
Christina L Wideman
Christina Rushton
Christina Wilde
Christine Ellis
Christine Gregory
Christine Saxbee
Cici Bee
Claire Buchanan
Clara Christine Waynick
Cody Nguyen
Cord Martinez
Cristina Nicole
Crystal Crowder
Cynthia Guzman
Cynthia Thompson
Daniel Perez
Danielle Dassero
Danielle Perryman-Tittle
Darlene Adrienne
Dave Gormley
Dave Saccs
David Mathews
Dawn Clarke
Dawn Droney-Hall
Dawn O’Shea Da Rosa
Dawn Snyder
Dawn Warrick
Dc Paradise Gogomusicworld
Deana Rutherford
Debbie Alexander Vincent
Debbie Booker
Deborah Dewhirst
Denae MsDiva Elle
Denise Ferriss Perry
Denise Lawrence Clymer
Des Iree
Desiree Mariah Scott
Destiney Etters
Diane Higginbottom
Diane Whitley
Dianne James
Diaz M Anna
Domoni Greatwater
Dora Wooten
Dori Bean
Doshia Eagles
Elizabeth Bradley
Elizabeth Denny
Elizabeth Elsa Gutheim
Elizebethe Eckhoff
Elyse Knight
Emilie White
Enrique Alvarez
Erica Albert
Erika Gaviria Garces
Erika M. Ocampo
Erin Henri
Eustacia Appiah
Eva LaFleur
Evelyn Rodriguez
Francis Tiara Grindstaff
Gabriela Alvarez
Gary Bragg
Gee Pereda
Ginger Anne Farr
Ginger Navarrete
Glen Meyers
Greg Williamson
Greta Huang
Hali Moore
Hannah Leighton
Hazel Clements
Heartof Gold
Heather Bynum
Heather D-Cauley
Heather Gilmore
Heather Sloat
Heddy Sanchez
Heidi Ho Carrico
Heidi Hunt
Iron Rikki
Ivan Crowson
Izabela J Gaines
JL Cunningham
Jacqueline Ortega
Jaime Laura
James Kubiak
Jami Brockman
Jamie Tunison-Sanders
Jan Deleon-Mandar
Janelle Galvan
Janet Devers
Janey Adkins
Jannell Fehn
Jannell Wagstaff
Jasmine Cole
Jay Kam
Jaymie Len
Jeana Pitts
Jeff Daniel Rosenblum
Jeff Snyder
Jen Curran
Jen Marie
Jena Velez
Jenn Sylvester
Jennell Lévêque Chabot
Jennifer Anne Mooney
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Medina
Jennifer Meyers
Jennifer Rebecca Faught
Jennifer Silva
Jennifer Stickle Fortin
Jenny Pelky Kadrioski
Jess Friedman
Jess Herrell
Jesse Warber
Jessica Amos
Jessica Bergholtz Burnett
Jessica Hogan
Jessica L Scarlett
Jessica Marie Hildebrand
Jessica Nelms
Jessica Seiders
Jewel Black
Jill A Gardner
Joanna Ling Smith
Jodi Loendorf
Jodi Pollock
Joe Hoffman
Joe Teague
John LeMaster
John Michael Smith
Jordan Anderson
Jordan G Kessler
Jordan Zavala
Joseph Subin
Josh Johnson
Jovi Ferrari
Joyce Talbot Benefield
Julie Bruning
Julie Lynn
Justine Ann
Kathy Samoun
Kara Fishkin
Kara Robeson
Kari Hrach Shea
Karissa Thomson
Karyn Peska
Katelyn Connor
Katelyn Paige James
Katherine Rust
Kathy Mixon
Katie Fuentes
Katy Jean Fink
Kayla Chamberlain
Kayla Virgin
Kelli Vilchis
Kelly Dawn
Kelly Denise
Kelly Galer
Kelly Gray
Kelly Marquez
Kelly Walter
Kelsey Eleanore Bodnar
Ken Merhar
Kenya Bentley
Khalid Barakat
Kim Brillant
Kim Chesser
Kimberly Wheat Harrington
Kimberly Williams
Kindra Joy
Kristen Bruno Covatis
Kristen White
Kristie Bilohlavek
Kristin Klatkiewicz
Kristin Musa
Kristin Tomasic
Kristy Scheidel
Krystle M. Rioux
Kwan Melanin
Lala Muhammad
Laura Daughtery Thompson
Laura Finney
Laura Rootes Guertin
Layshon Suell
Leah Enking
Lee Anne Garrett Sebren
Lee Holland
Leia Cameron
Lena Jonson
Linda Adams
Lindsey Cartwright
Lisa Benton
Lisa Demand
Lisa Eanes Lee
Lisa Jones
Lisa Marie
Lisa Mateer Barseth
Lisa Ramsdell
Logan Brown
Louise Saler-Reinier
Luanne Barron
Lucio Bielskis
Lynette Cassaro
Lynette M. Cox
MX Ingram
Maggie Love
Makeba Scott Hunter
Malakai Dobbelaer
Mando Behr
Mandy Lynn
Marco Guevara
Maria Crawford
Maria Krstic Mongelli
Maria Pacheco
Marianne Sanders
Marie-Ann Alacs
Marilyn Sawyer
Mark Moran
Markina Bailey
Marquise Gibson
Mary Kelly
Mary McCoy
Matthew Lennon
Maureen Dodson
Mauricio Martinez
Maxine Gynan
Mel Garcia
Melanie Huber
Melissa Kishel
Melissa Knecht
Melissa Oufaaiz
Melissa Schnell
Melisse Deering
Melly Mellsz
Melody M. Rios Garcia
Mia Judah
Mia Kelly
Michael Alexander
Michael J. Sipser
Michael Montgomery
Michaellita Fortier
Michelle Anderson Sanderson
Michelle Hendrickson
Michelle Mayers
Michelle Minton
Michelle Moore Macias
Michelle OToole
Miluska Ramirez
Mindi Brooks
Miranda Miranda
Misty Aguilera
Monita Gonzalez
Naomi Barajas
Natasha Beck-King
Neener Paris
Netty Kock
Nick Nelson
Nicole Swift Krause
Nicolette Ziegler
Nikki Ak-Combs
Oscar Lopez
PJ Knoetgen
Paige Turner
Paloma Nazario
Pamela Rose
Patricia Dougherty
Patricia Motley
Patricia Richmond
Patricia Wilson
Patrick Brian Heafner
Patti Ann
Patti Guerra
Patty Baxter
Paul Kim
Paulina Garcia
Paulyn Beyan
Paz Sanchez
PhiL Koster
Rachel Jenkins
Rachel Pilgrim Boyd
Rae Rae
Randy Zaffke
Raquel Paula
Raymond Mount
Rebecca Silas
Renie Holman
Reva Mason
Riley Matlock
Rob Isselbaecher
Robbie Zehner
Roberta Gast
Robin M. Pape
Robin Marker
Ronald Wellington Jr.
Ronnie Whitworth
Ruck M Fernandez
Samantha Speegle
Sandra Bartlett
Sandra Marie
Sandra Wiggins
Sandy Carter Swope
Sandy Conway Eisenmann
Sarah Ballard
Sarah Christiansen
Sarah Coykendall
Sarah Davis
Sarah Eleanor
Sarah Elizabeth Kahler
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Mattos
Sarah Pelle-Chapin
Sarah Rebecca Witten
Sarah Sheffer
Sarha Orantes
Schana Cummings
Sean Hall
Shane Styles
Shannon M Doering
Shannon Martin
Shannon Stewart
Sharon Harris
Sharon Maze-Goen
Sharon Perez
Sharon Singley
Shauna Miller
Shaunna Burtle
Sheri Rush
Sherri Renon
Sherri Wheeler Cliburn
Sherry Adams
Shona Clarkson
Shy Mitchell
Sky Conner
Slay Cierra
Sonae Nelson-Pemberton
Sonya Stewart
Stacey Medlin
Stacey Miller Martino
Stacy Appiah
Stacy Krocker Adams
Star Shine
Starlit Knight
Steph Klinger
Steph Richardson
Stephanie Fitzgerald
Stephanie Holmes
Stephanie Horn
Stephanie Lizabeth Kasal
Stephanie Marie Count
Sue Daniels-Plater
Sue Warady-Keene
Susan Cuffaro
Susan Knobler
Suzanne Dufrane
Tamara Singer
Tameka Dennis
Tammicia Usher
Tamny Krause
Tara Blakely OReilly
Tara Hudson
Tara Jenkins
Tara M Khaskin
Tasha Nicole
Tatum Essary
Taylor Love
Terri Asche
Terri Fagan
Terri Griffin
Tessa Allen Rudolfs
Theresa Jenkins
Tiarra Williams
Tiffany Charbonnet
Tiffany Greene
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Tori Michelle
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